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Chain Link Fence Contractor | Fencing Installation Blaine, MN

Fencing Contractor Blaine, MNIf you live in Blaine, Andover or anywhere in the Twin Cities area and need a reliable, affordable, residential fence installation and repair service, let the team at Twin Cities Fence help you. We are a local company with more than four decades of experience. Our staff can help you find the perfect fence material, size and style for your property. Our specialty is installation and repair of chain-link fences. One of the most popular materials for fences in our area. Chain Link Fence Contractor.

Plymouth MN Wood Fence Installation Company

Wooden Fence Installation CompanyIf you’ve always dreamed of having a wood fence installation company installed one on your property in Plymouth, MN, you are in luck! Our team at Twin Cities Fence specializes in offering our customers a wide variety of wooden fences depending on your wants and needs. Choosing the right wooden fence company to handle your fence project should not be taken lightly. Experience goes a long way in the fencing industry, and our dedicated team has four generations of experience handling fencing projects big and small.

Minnetonka Winter Fence Installation

Minnetonka Winter Fence Installation CompanyLiving in Minnetonka or Plymouth, MN, we are accustomed to bitterly cold temperatures during the winter months. To live here in Minnesota, you’ve got to be made for this weather and made for the snow! At Twin Cities Fence, we never let a little cold weather slow us down! We are your Minnetonka winter fence installation professionals that can install any fence that you need, no matter what time of year it is.

Fence Installation Company MN

No matter where you live or what type of work you do, if you have a yard there is always room for a fence. At Twin Cities Fence, we serve areas all over Minnesota. We offer a variety of options for both residential and commercial purposes. If you are looking for a fence installation company in the Forest Lake, East Bethal, Bethal, or Pine City, MN area, look no further that Twin Cities Fence.

Commercial Fence Installation

Commercial Gate MNCommercial fences in this area are growing in popularity. At Twin Cities Fence, we want to give your property the right fence installation for whatever your commercial needs may be. We have all different types of commercial properties that are seeking fences for a variety of reasons. We offer a multitude of materials and styles to fit almost any commercial fence need. At Twin Cities Fence, we want to give you the commercial fence that makes the most sense for you. Serving Blaine, Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Andover, and Ham Lake, MN, we are ready to install your fence today!

Trex Fencing Systems MN

Trex Fencing ColorsAll around Minnesota, the buzz of Trex fencing is catching on. As Trex fences go up around your neighborhood, more and more residents are asking about them. At Twin Cities Fence, Trex fencing is not new to us. In fact, we have mastered the installation process, maintenance issues, and repairs needed for Trex fencing. If you are interested in this low-maintenance, weather resistant, and ober durable fencing system, let us know right away!

Winter Ornamental Fence Installer

Winter Fence ContratorFences are, in our opinion, one of the best part of any home – or business, for that matter. Whether your fence is there for purely aesthetic reasons or it’s actually intended to keep something in or out of your property, a fence is an integral part of a property. When you want a fence that’s both functional and beautiful, an ornamental fence can help you achieve just that. Ornamental fences look decorative, by nature, and depending on the size, materials, and designs you choose, your fence can be as functional and aesthetically pleasing as you choose. And if you’ve decided on the fence you want, or even if you’re still considering your options but want a fence installed soon, why wait to start until spring? With Twin Cities Fence, you can start installing your fence now and finish before spring arrives! Our Minnetonka, Minnesota winter ornamental fence contractors will help you make final fencing decisions and start breaking ground to make the fence you need a reality.

Privacy Fence Contractor Plymouth

Vinyl Fence ContractorFences are a great investment and oftentimes a necessary part of your yard. Having kids, pets and maybe a pool or other equipment that you want protected, it is nice to be able to protect your yard. Some fences provide more than just a barrier, but can also add a layer of privacy if you have close neighbors. There are two great options for privacy fences: wood and vinyl. Wood fences are a more classic look, but can be expensive and not as long lasting as a vinyl fence.

Best Time of Year to Install a Fence in Minnesota

Wood Winter Fence InstallAt Twin Cities Fence, we often get the question from clients asking when is the best time of year to install a fence in Minnesota? You may get different answers depending on which fencing contractor in Minnesota that you ask, but at Twin Cities Fence, our answer is simple. If you choose us as your residential or commercial fence installation contractor, you can get your fence installed year round. There’s no off season for our staff and we take pride in offering year round service to all of our clients in Minnesota, even during the winter!

Fence Contractor Blaine

Winter Fence InstallerTwin Cities Fence is a Minnesota family owned fence contractor, with office in Blaine, Minnesota. We offer premium quality materials and craftsmanship for all your fencing needs. We separate ourselves from the competition by using the highest quality materials and utilizing 4 generations of fencing experience. We are always researching new and innovative ways to provide our customers with a product that they will enjoy for years to come. We have the knowledge and the expertise to complete the job in a manner that sets us apart from our competition. We are not happy unless you are and that is why we work with our customers every step of the way, and even after your fence, guard rail or gate is installed to provide repairs.