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Ornamental Fence

Ornamental Fence ContractorFences are becoming more and more popular for homeowners. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to living in a neighborhood, but a lot of homeowners prefer to have some privacy on their property. There’s no better way to create that needed privacy than investing in a fence for your MN home. Choosing the right fence for your property, however, shouldn’t be a decision that you quickly make. If you invest in the right style fence, there is a good chance that you will add to the property value of your home with this home improvement project. At Twin Cities Fence, we find that investing in an ornamental fence provides the durability and protection of a standard fence, while also bringing some personality to the look of your property as well.

Indoor Sports Fencing

Are you building a new indoor sports facility? Perhaps you’re installing an indoor sport field in a training facility or a new indoor court in your home. Whatever your project may be, you’re going to need a great indoor sports fencing contractor to finish up your project and put your court, field, or facility to use! At Twin Cities Fence, we want to be the fencing contractors you call when you’re looking for a new fence – no matter the type of fencing you need. We have experience installing outdoor and indoor fencing of all kinds, and we’ve become masters at understanding just what someone needs to complete a project. So if you’re looking for a new fence – and a trusted MN sports fencing contractor, you’ve come to the right place.

Twin Cities Winter Fencing Installation

Wood Winter Fence InstallAre you located in the Twin Cities area and in need of a new fence this winter? Have no fear, Twin Cities Fence is here! We offer year round fencing installation services to ensure you can have that white picket fence you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Just because the weather is cooling down a bit doesn’t mean you can’t schedule a winter fence install soon.

Affordable Fence Contractor

Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetonka Fence ContractorLooking for a way to create some separation and privacy from your neighbors? Do you have a pet that needs to be able to run around the yard and expel energy? Do you own a business where you need a barrier to protect your equipment when you’re not around? Well, there is one simple solution to all of these scenarios. If you are in the Minneapolis, Plymouth or Maple Grove, MN areas, our team at Twin Cities Fence is an affordable fence contractor that can provide separation, protection or a barrier for your property. To top it off, we even bring some flare to the look of your home’s exterior.

Fence Installation Company

Fence InstallerClaiming ownership over something, sometimes means marking your territory. When it comes to owning property, a business, or your own home, what better way to mark that territory then with a professionally installed fence to surround what is yours? It can be stressful trying to find the right contractor and the perfect fence to suite your personal needs. However, no worries! You’re in luck! Whether you are in Plymouth and Maple Grove, Minnesota or somewhere near the Wisconsin border, Twin Cities Fence is conveniently located twenty minutes north of the Twin Cities in Andover, MN.

Aluminum or Steel Ornamental Fence

Ornamental Fence ContractorWhen searching for a fencing contractor in MN, you want to find a team that truly loves fences. At Twin Cities Fence, we live and breath fencing. We don’t just think of fences as ways to secure an area or protect belongings. If done correctly, we feel like fences can enhance the look and bring personality to your residential or commercial property. So, if you are in the market for reliable and affordable fencing in MN, it is time that you considered the aluminum or steel ornamental fences that we have to offer.

Commercial Gate Contractor

Commercial Fencing ContractorAs a commercial property owner, there are a lot of possessions that you need to keep protected. Depending on your line of work, you may have expensive equipment, vehicles, etc., where you need some added protection for your property. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, our team at Twin Cities Fence serves as a commercial gate contractor. No matter what type of fence you currently have or may be looking into, we can install a gate on your property to ensure that your possessions are fully secure.

Sport Court Fencing

At Twin Cities Fence, we make it a point to provide the best fencing, the best service, and the best fencing selections – from the materials and colors to the uses and designs. That’s why we’re sure that if you’re looking for any kind of sport court fencing, you’ve come to the right place. We install sport court fences of all kinds, including baseball field fencing, tennis court fencing, basketball court fencing, and more. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sport fence for a court or field, if you need a residential, municipal, or commercial fencing contractor in Minnesota, we’ve got you covered.

Vinyl Fencing Options

Vinyl Fence CompanyIt’s no secret that in the last 10 years vinyl has taken off in popularity. Vinyl is used a lot in construction for its durability and cost-effectiveness. It’s used in piping for its longevity and water/weather resistance. Vinyl is used with electronics, on the sides of houses, in packaging, and even in transportation. Vinyl is used in so many different areas because is it so durable, easy to clean, and can resist extreme weather. This is why we at Twin Cities Fence, give a variety of vinyl fencing options. If you are looking for a vinyl fence in Minnesota, begin and end your search at Twin Cities Fence.