Classice Hand Rails Installed MN

Wrought iron handrails give any property a classic, custom look that attracts the eyes of passersby. We’ve all seen the wrought iron gates and fences that make us wonder why we ever gave up on iron, and even though we have alternative materials for larger wrought iron surfaces, such as aluminum and galvanized steel, there’s nothing quite like a wrought iron handrail. The beauty of iron-made fixtures is the ability to customize a design, creating a distinctly unique wrought iron handrail that doesn’t look as factory made and polished as aluminum or steel. With wrought iron handrails, you’ll be able to add a large amount of character to your property with very little work, increasing the property value and curb appeal of your home. Wrought iron handrails are perfect to accent any home or business, and they’ll complement any aluminum or steel fences and gates made to imitate the look of iron. If you love the look of old architecture and want to create a more traditional environment on your property, wrought iron handrails may be the perfect solution that require very little change.

Custom Designed Wrought Iron Handrails

Customization has become a crucial element of home and property design, whether it’s choosing the colors to represent your company, the pattern of your driveway, or the height and design of a new fence. Customization has always been important to property design, but in the age of the need to be unique, it’s become important to just about everyone. We all want our homes to be exactly like we’ve imagined, and a unique workspace and outward appearance of commercial properties has become a way to market a business based on the interest its appearance can spark. Wrought iron handrails can be the perfect way to create a unique look for your home or business, whether you’re looking to attract attention with your classic style, or you’re just looking for a subtle way to make your home or business appear more traditional. Homes and businesses tend to be evaluated based on their appearances, so if you’re trying to show your guests, clients, or customers the uniquely traditional style of your home or company, for the love of customization, get some wrought iron handrails!

Caring for Your Wrought Iron Handrails

Wrought iron has taken a lot of heat in the past for being less durable than other materials, and it’s no longer widely used for fences or gates because it requires frequent maintenance. However, wrought iron handrails are still highly popular, used as design elements in front of businesses and homes because of their uniquely customizable material. Iron was used for centuries to create custom wrought iron fixtures, and our desire for wrought iron hasn’t changed much even if we do know that there are more durable materials out there. The reason? Wrought iron is simply more unique, more authentically traditional, and more “real.”

When you see an aluminum or steel fence or handrail, you can likely tell the difference because of the way that they’re made – with steel and aluminum, there’s no welding needed, but welding is a crucial part the process to create wrought iron handrails, and this gives wrought iron a distinctive look that can’t be replicated exactly using steel or aluminum. If you’re as invested in installing traditional wrought iron handrails on your property as we are in preserving wrought iron as a viable material for handrails, constant maintenance will be an important part of keeping your handrails rust-free. Talk to us first about wrought iron handrail maintenance before you make the decision to install a wrought iron handrail so that you know exactly what it will take to protect your handrails from corrosion.

Professional Wrought Iron Handrail Installation Company

Installing handrails is not a simple DIY task, especially in areas where you already have a staircase in place. Often times, you’ll need professional-grade equipment to properly install handrails, which means that you’ll need a professional handrail installer. That’s where Twin Cities Fence comes in. With generations of experience in the fencing installation and building industries, we’ve made a name for ourselves as an experienced and reliable installation service, including wrought iron handrail installation. As wrought iron is a material that is used less and less both residentially and commercially, finding a wrought iron handrail installation company can be difficult, and finding a company that can help you maintain your wrought iron handrails once they’ve been properly installed can be even more difficult.

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