Guardrail Installation MN

Guardrails are often the perfect solution for creating barriers between areas that are safe to walk and areas that are safe to drive. They can be used on commercial or residential properties, providing an added level of protection from local traffic that could help keep you and your property safe. At Twin Cities Fence, we install guardrails fit for all properties, perfect for creating sturdy property boundaries, creating barriers between the road and your property, and separating sections of your property. With guardrails, you can ensure that the fencing system standing between your property and moving vehicles is more than wood or vinyl and will withstand some bumps and bruises from vehicle damage before it needs replacing.

Why Install Guardrails?

You might never think of guardrails unless you see them on the side of the highway. More often than not, you don’t even notice when they’re there. But when you need to protect you, your property, and anyone else driving or walking by your property, it’s easy to understand why you should have guardrails installed. Whether yours is a commercial or residential property, guardrails can go a long way toward making your property and anyone around it safer. Guardrails provide a barrier that separates roadways, driveways, and parking areas from walkways, lawns, buildings, and other spaces where people usually walk freely. Although there are alternatives to guardrails for creating boundaries and marking off walkways and driving areas, guardrails are the safest, sturdiest way of keeping everyone safe. Some effective uses of guardrails include:

Homes located near dangerous roadsides – If your home is located on a sharp turn that sees many accidents, or if your home is too close to the roadside for comfort, a guardrail will help separate your yard from the road, especially if there’s no sidewalk in between.

Roadside businesses – Roadside businesses can be perfect road trip stops and easy-to-access businesses, but they can also be turnaround points and areas where dangerous accidents can threaten your property and anyone on it. To keep your parking lot separate from the roadside, install a guardrail to protect you and your customers or clients.
Barrier between drive-thru and parking lots – If your business has a parking lot and a drive-thru window, it may be useful to separate the two using guardrails to ensure there are no accidents on your property caused by inattentive drivers.

Safe Guardrail Installation

Often times, because guardrails are meant to protect you and your property, installing guardrails can be a tricky, sometimes dangerous, process. Whether you’re installing a guardrail on top of a bank behind your home, next to railroad tracks, by the roadside, or next to a parking lot or driveway, guardrail installation can end up being more difficult and more dangerous than you could imagine. Without the proper training and experience, installing your own guardrails could be disastrous. That’s why you should trust only a professional guardrail installation company to properly and safely install your guardrails. Don’t risk using poor equipment that will leave your guardrails weak and easily breached, and don’t risk your own safety trying to improve the safety of your property. Instead, leave the dangerous work to us, and let us work by the roadside, install guardrails by railroad tracks, and navigate parking lot traffic so that you don’t have to worry about being harmed by the very thing you’re trying to protect you and your property from.

24-Hour Emergency Guardrail Repairs

As a fencing installation contractor in Minnesota, we understand that fences don’t always hold up when they meet harsh weather, and the same can be said of when guardrails meet vehicles. It’s inevitable that your guardrails will see some wear and tear, and given that they’re often installed with the goal of protecting you and your property from oncoming vehicles, there’s a good chance that, sooner or later, your guardrails will see some action. That’s why we offer guardrail repairs, so that you don’t have to worry about any added damage caused by broken guardrails or leaving your property unprotected for any length of time. Whether your guardrails are slowly wearing down, need to be replaced soon, or you need a section of your guardrails replaced immediately, we’re available with 24-hour, year-round guardrail repairs for our commercial and residential customers.
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