Forklift Guard Rail System Installers MN

Forklift Guard Rail Installers MNWorkplace accidents are increasing, with the labor shortage continuing to be a problem in and around Minnesota. If you’re a business owner with warehouse space, you likely are looking at different ways to protect your employees, your inventory, and your facility. At Twin Cities Fence, we’ve seen a significant uptick in requests for forklift guard rail protection for warehouses and commercial facilities.

Why Do I Need Forklift Guard Rail Protection in My Building?

There are many reasons why you may need guard rail protection in your building. A few of the most common reasons include:

  • Prevent Forklift Accidents – Forklift accidents caused more than 7,000 injuries in 2021 and 70 deaths in 2020 across the country. Proper forklift training takes time and can be difficult with employee turnover in warehouses and commercial facilities. Guard rails can help to protect your employees and facility from forklift accidents.
  • Wall Protection – Commercial buildings are expensive to build and maintain. Guard rails can help to protect the walls in your facility, especially in areas that are prone to accidents. Warehouse guard rail systems can offer additional protection to help your team stay safe and productive.
  • Substance Abuse Protection – There is always the chance that someone may be working under the influence of some substance, such as marijuana, alcohol, or any other drug. With this in mind, we must do all we can to protect our employees and facility from potential damage due to workplace accidents.
  • Inventory Protection – Accidents in the workplace can lead to inventory damage, which can directly impact your bottom line. Proper training and safety guardrail systems can help ensure you’re doing all you can to maximize profitability while maintaining a safe work environment for your employees.

How Can I Protect My Walls From Forklifts and Other Workplace Accidents?

At Twin Cities Fence, we offer safety guard rail systems built to protect your facility from workplace accidents. These guard rail systems are placed strategically in your facility to protect employees, walls, and equipment. Guard rails are strong and often permanently affixed to the floor of your building with concrete. Our customers have noticed a significant drop in accidents due to our warehouse guard rails and forklift barrier rails.

Interested in a Quote for Forklift Guard Rails or Forklift Barrier Rails?

If you think guard rails could help protect your facility and your employees, you likely are correct. At Twin Cities Fence, we’ve been helping our customers with all their safety fence needs for decades. Contact our team today by phone at (612) 443-1948 to schedule a free quote. One of our team members will happily meet with you to discuss your guard rail protection needs.

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