Commercial Property Bumper Guards

On commercial properties, there’s almost always a need for bumper guards. Bumper guards function as a measure of protection that keeps the sides of surfaces from being damaged by any traffic that might otherwise cause harm, such as trailers that turn too sharply into loading docks, vehicles side-swiping parking garage walls and columns, and forklifts getting too close to the walls of a warehouse. Whatever surfaces you need to protect on your commercial property, Twin Cities Fence is here to help ensure that you and your property receive the highest level of impact protection available that will meet your needs. Perfect for loading docks, commercial parking lots, commercial service areas, and other industrial settings, you’ll find that bumper guards are not just a standard product used by almost all heavy-traffic commercial sites, they’re necessary for preserving your property. No matter how large or small your business may be, if you play host to trailers and heavy traffic, don’t let vehicles damage your property without putting up a fight – or at least some bumper guards.

Loading Dock Bumper Guards

One of the most common bumper guard uses is on the inside walls of loading docks. When trailers arrive at retail stores, grocery stores, warehouses, and any other commercial property to load or unload, they’ll park in a loading dock. While many truck drivers have had years of experience parking in loading zones, even the most seasoned driver can make a mistake, and parking these huge trailers can’t be an easy task. When parking doesn’t go quite as planned, trucks have been known to create excessive friction between their trailers and your loading dock walls. Because of the way trailers are parked, they don’t just crash into the walls of your loading zone; they hit a wall, and they keep turning, grazing the sides of your loading zone until they’ve fully docked. With bumper guards, you can ensure that the friction caused by grazing the walls of your loading dock does not leave permanent damage, and you’ll find that it’s much cheaper to invest in bumper guards than to replace pieces of your loading dock every time a trailer enters your property.

Maximum-Impact Protection Bumper Guards

Bumper guards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, all suited to different needs and different industries. There are low-impact bumper guards, or wall guards, often used inside commercial properties such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and casinos. If you’re looking for maximum-impact protection, though, you’ll need bumper guards that can handle heavy traffic, high amounts of friction, and near-constant use without breaking down or wearing out. With high-impact bumper guards crafted to ensure better energy absorption, you’ll find that when heavy trailers, forklifts, and larger vehicles use your bumper guards for any reason, the impact will be distributed into the bumper guard so that your walls or loading areas are left unharmed by potentially damaging impacts and abrasions. We’ll help you ensure that your bumper guards meet safety requirements and that you have the best possible bumper guards to meet your needs, whether you need protection in high-traffic areas or heavy-duty bumper protection in trailer loading zones.

Long-Lasting Bumper Guards

Because of the way bumper guards are intended to be used, they often take near-constant abuse from vehicle traffic, so you need bumper guards that will last for years – if not tens of years – not months. Fortunately, this constant abuse is exactly what bumper guards are made for! Made to protect your walls and loading zones, bumper guards are built to last through more than friction and heavy impact. Bumper guards have been engineered to last longer than ever, built to be weather-resistant for years of outdoor use. In Minnesota, weather resistance is a necessary characteristic of any effect bumper guards, as they need to last through wet rains and frozen winters without breaking down, freezing, or weakening. Adding to their durability, bumper guards have been made more effective and long-lasting with adjustments to their thickness and weight, as well as simple color changes. Brighter-colored bumper guards are easier to see, ensuring that anyone driving near your bumper guards will be better able to avoid them, thus avoiding “bumping” into your walls or loading docks. Naturally, the more impact your bright bumper guards can avoid, the longer they will last.

Benefits of Commercial Bumper Guards

  • Protect walls and corners of loading zones, storerooms, parking garages, warehouses, and high-traffic commercial areas from permanent damage.
  • Meet commercial safety requirements meant to ensure the protection of you and your property.
  • Save money on property repairs by investing in long-lasting protection for industrial areas prone to damage.
  • Sizing, shape, material, and color options make bumper guards customizable to meet your exact needs. There’s no reason to choose the option that’s “good enough;” choose the best option!
  • Brightly colored bumper guard options for nighttime deliveries and job sites, or darker work environments.

If you’re looking for high-impact bumper guards to protect your commercial property, contact Twin Cities Fence at 612-443-1948 or We’ll help you choose the best bumper guards for your needs, suited to loading docks, warehouses, industrial properties, service areas, and more.

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