Fall Season Maintenance Tips For Wooden Fences

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Fence Maintenance, Wooden Privacy Fences

Fall Season Maintenance Tips For Wooden FencesThe sun is setting earlier, and the nights are getting cooler. This is a sure sign that fall has arrived. It’s the season that many homeowners focus on landscape work and being outdoors. It’s also the season to prepare your wooden privacy fence for the brutal cold months that lie ahead. Taking a few steps during the fall season can help to ensure that your wooden fence lasts you for many years to come!

Applying A Sealant: Winters in Minnesota mean feet of snow. This moisture can sit against a fence for days and weeks. Moisture, as you can imagine, does not agree with wood. Moisture on an unsealed wooden fence can lead to mold growth and wood rot. The simple way to ensure your fence is not affected by the long-lasting effects of moisture is to apply a water sealant to the wood’s surface.

Sealing Any Cracks Or Knotholes: Wood, regardless of preventative measures, will expand and contract with the extremes in temperatures. As this movement within the wood occurs, small cracks and even knotholes form. These openings become a great habitat for insects seeking warmth and can allow for water to seep in and cause further damage, such as internal rot. During the fall months, inspect your fence and patch up cracks and knotholes using a wood putty.

Keeping Leaves Away From The Fence Line

With the onset of fall, comes millions of leaves finding their way to the ground. Oftentimes, homeowners mulch or blow these leaves to the perimeters of the property. This causes leaf piles to form at the bases of the fence line. As leaves begin the decomposition process, they begin to rot and will not only stain the wood but can trap excess moisture leading to rot and the problems we’ve described above. During the fall, do your best to keep leaves from piling up against any wood fences.

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