Tennis Court Fence Installers MN

Do you have a tennis court on your property that you’d like to build a fence around? Are you wondering what types of fencing options are available to you? You’ve likely seen countless tennis courts with chain link fencing, but what other types of tennis court fencing systems and materials could you be using to keep your court secure, safe, and even aesthetically pleasing? At Twin Cities Fence, our expert Minnesota tennis court fence contractors can help you choose based on your property, budget, design ideas, and more.

Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Court Fences

Whether you’re in need of fencing for your outdoor tennis court, indoor tennis court, or several tennis courts on one property, we have the materials and the manpower to build any number and any size tennis court fence you need. Want one fence to outline several tennis courts outside? Want to keep indoor tennis courts accessible to specific people with a secure fencing system? We’ve got you covered!

Types of Tennis Court Fencing Materials

Tennis court fencing is typically needed for the simple task of keeping balls in the court, which means often times, the most affordable option is the only option you need to consider. However, you should take into account fencing material durability and even the design of your fence, especially if you have tennis courts that are built indoors or should match the aesthetic of the rest of your property. The types of tennis court fencing systems we can install include:

  • Wood Fences: Although we install a wide selection of wood fences, the most practical wood tennis court fence would be a wood privacy fence. A privacy fence is built tall to ensure privacy, and on a tennis court, it can ensure balls stay in the court and players stay concentrated. It also allows for added security around tennis courts so you can play in peace or maintain limited access to your court.
  • Vinyl Fences: We also offer vinyl privacy fences, which like our wood privacy fences, are tall enough to provide security, safety, and a border to keep tennis balls from wandering too far.
  • Chain Link Fencing: For both indoor and outdoor tennis courts alike, chain link fencing is likely the most common tennis court fencing type. Chain link fences are affordable, durable, and simple, allowing tennis courts to be visible but still secure. However, chain link fence has a very industrial and municipal aesthetic, which might not be the look you’re going for on a private tennis court or private sport facility. To customize your chain link fence, you can choose between our colored PVC coated fencing, which adds a little something to the fence’s design and durability!
  • Aluminum Fences: Want a tennis court fence that’s more than a plain old fence? An aluminum ornamental fence can go a long way toward making your tennis court look modern and elite. Often used at hotels, resorts, professional training facilities, and even homes with modern architecture and landscaping, aluminum fencing is an affordable and durable decorative fence material that can keep a tennis court secure and looking beautiful.
  • Steel Fencing: Like our aluminum fencing, steel tennis court fencing is ornamental and long-lasting, and it has the benefit of being real steel – which means it’s extremely durable. Nothing is getting through that fence without your say-so!
  • Trex Fencing: Trex fencing is a “green” alternative to vinyl or wood fencing. If you’re looking into installing a privacy tennis court fence, consider a Trex privacy fence that’s durable, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant – not to mention eco-friendly! Trex fencing is available in three colors, including Saddle, Winchester Grey, and Woodland Brown.

Commercial, Residential and Municipal Tennis Court Fences

At Twin Cities Fence, we install and repair fencing on municipal, residential, and commercial properties alike. Whatever your fencing needs may be, whether you’re looking to fence in a private tennis court at your home, a public tennis court, or a tennis court in a professional sporting facility, we’re here to make sure you get the best fencing system for your needs. To contact our MN tennis court fence specialists, call us today at 612-443-1948.

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