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by | Feb 24, 2018 | Fence Contractor, Fence Installation, Indoor Fencing, Sport Fencing, Tennis Court Fencing

Are you building a new tennis court on your property? Do you need to replace an old tennis court fence? Unlike other sport courts and fields, tennis courts really do require a good fencing system. Your fencing needs to be tall and well-constructed. With little space between the fencing materials to avoid losing balls over, under, or through your fence. That doesn’t leave a large variety of fencing options, but there are still plenty of options available to you. You opt for a traditional tennis fence, or something more unique. At Twin Cities Fence, you’ll find Minnesota tennis court fencing contractors promising good service and a variety of fencing materials to choose from.

Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Court Fencing

Whether you’re building an indoor tennis court or an outdoor court, the same fencing materials are used. Outdoor courts require a weather-resistant and durable choice. We’ll help you decide which fencing material is right for you. Have a design in mind already, we’ll help make sure your ideas are realized.

Tennis Court Fencing Materials We Offer

Have you thought about what materials you’d like to use for your tennis court fence? You might have more options than you’d imagine, especially depending on whether you’re building an outdoor or indoor tennis court. If you’re not sure which type of fencing material is right for you, consider how durable your tennis fence should be; whether it needs to be weather-resistant; whether it will match the rest of your property, aesthetically; whether it needs to be secure; and whether you’d like it to create privacy on the court. Take a look at our fencing materials to see what your options could be:

  • Wood and Vinyl Privacy Fences – Not only can you make sure your court is out of sight with a vinyl or wood privacy fence, you can ensure there’s limited access to your court. You can also choose from a variety of privacy fence designs to complement the aesthetic of your property!
  • Chain Link Fences – Chain link fencing is likely the most common tennis court fencing you’ll see – it’s durable, simple, and affordable. If you want players to be able to see outside the court, and for others to see in, then a chain link fence could be the way to go.
  • PVC Chain Link Fences – Just like our galvanized steel chain link fences but with a color coating that makes these fences even more durable and weather-resistant – perfect for an outdoor court.
  • Trex Fences – If you want to “go green” on your property and also want a privacy fence surrounding your court, a low-maintenance Trex fence could be the way to go.To learn more about your options, contact our MN tennis court fencing experts at Twin Cities Fence today by calling 612-443-1948.
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