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Fence Gate Repair

Fence Gate RepairIs your fence gate broken? Does it work but have some sort of flaw? At Twin Cities Fence, we handle every type of fence gate repair you can imagine. Gates are used for a variety of reasons. Some people install gates to add a level of security to their home or commercial property, while others like the aesthetic appeal of a nice gate. No matter what your reasoning may be, if your gate isn’t working, it’s a problem. No matter if your gate was installed by us or another company, Twin Cities Fence can help you get it in working order again.

Tennis Court Fencing Installation Contractor

Are you building a new tennis court on your property? Do you need to replace an old tennis court fence? Unlike other sport courts and fields, tennis courts really do require a good fencing system. Your fencing needs to be tall and well-constructed, with little space between the fencing materials to avoid losing balls over, under, or through your fence. That doesn’t leave a large variety of fencing options, but there are still plenty of options available to you, whether you opt for a traditional tennis fence or something more unique. At Twin Cities Fence, you’ll find Minnesota tennis court fencing contractors who can offer you a variety of fencing materials to choose from – and promise you great service!

Indoor Sports Fencing

Are you building a new indoor sports facility? Perhaps you’re installing an indoor sport field in a training facility or a new indoor court in your home. Whatever your project may be, you’re going to need a great indoor sports fencing contractor to finish up your project and put your court, field, or facility to use! At Twin Cities Fence, we want to be the fencing contractors you call when you’re looking for a new fence – no matter the type of fencing you need. We have experience installing outdoor and indoor fencing of all kinds, and we’ve become masters at understanding just what someone needs to complete a project. So if you’re looking for a new fence – and a trusted MN sports fencing contractor, you’ve come to the right place.

Sport Court Fencing

At Twin Cities Fence, we make it a point to provide the best fencing, the best service, and the best fencing selections – from the materials and colors to the uses and designs. That’s why we’re sure that if you’re looking for any kind of sport court fencing, you’ve come to the right place. We install sport court fences of all kinds, including baseball field fencing, tennis court fencing, basketball court fencing, and more. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sport fence for a court or field, if you need a residential, municipal, or commercial fencing contractor in Minnesota, we’ve got you covered.

Indoor Sporting Facility Fencing

Are you building a new indoor sporting facility? Big or small, your facility is going to need to be built in a way that keeps your different sport courts, fields, and facilities safe and separated. In some facilities, courts and other sports areas are built into individual rooms; but what if you want to keep your facility more open and accessible for athletes? Indoor sporting facility fencing is the perfect way to separate athletic facilities and equipment without closing spaces off completely. If you want to be able to have your indoor tennis courts right by the indoor volleyball court, or if you want the indoor track to be safe surrounding a football or soccer field, a fencing system is your solution! And at Twin Cities Fence, we want to help you make your visions for your sporting facility come to life by offering you the expertise of our MN indoor sporting facility fencing contractors. So what kinds of indoor fencing can we provide? See for yourself!

Sport Fence Contractor

Sports can bring a community together and the team at Twin Cities Fence is ready to install a sports fence so that you and your team can enjoy whatever sport you play. We are ready and able to install fencing for baseball, football, tennis, swimming, or even a track. Our team specializes in designing and installing all types of indoor and outdoor sports fences for those in the Minnesota area and will provide the highest quality fencing system, fencing materials and customer service in the area.

COVID-19 Update: We Are Open

As a company that has been servicing the entire great state of Minnesota for many years, we are excited to announce that we will remain doing full service installs. In these troubling times we know that the only thing that matters to you, your family, and your business is security backed with names you can trust. We are proud to offer our refined services in virtual format. From start to finish we promise an unparalleled experience. Customers are now able to receive quotes and installs without ever having to expose yourself to this new danger. Call us today, knowing that we are stringent on following new safety guidelines. No physical paper work, no in person meetings unless requested. Your family and business is safe with us as we move through this pandemic as one GREAT NATION. Thank you for your continuing support and we hope to serve you soon.

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