Are you building a new indoor sporting facility? Big or small, your facility is going to need to be built in a way that keeps your different sport courts, fields, and facilities safe and separated. In some facilities, courts and other sports areas are built into individual rooms; but what if you want to keep your facility more open and accessible for athletes? Indoor sporting facility fencing is the perfect way to separate athletic facilities and equipment without closing spaces off completely. If you want to be able to have your indoor tennis courts right by the indoor volleyball court, or if you want the indoor track to be safe surrounding a football or soccer field, a fencing system is your solution! And at Twin Cities Fence, we want to help you make your visions for your sporting facility come to life by offering you the expertise of our MN indoor sporting facility fencing contractors. So what kinds of indoor fencing can we provide? See for yourself!

Indoor Swimming Pool Fencing

Indoor pools – no matter how large – can be kept secure with a simple fencing system to outline the area. If you have multiple pools in one area or if your swimming area isn’t quite separate from your other athletic facilities, a swimming pool fence makes saving space simple.

Indoor Sports Court Fencing

Installing different types of sports courts in your facility? Want to keep sports courts together without risking balls travelling onto neighboring courts? Fence in any indoor sport court!
• Indoor Tennis Court Fences
• Indoor Basketball Court Fences
• Indoor Racquetball Fences
• Indoor Volleyball Court Fences
• Indoor Batting Cage Fences

Indoor Sports Field Fences

Though you might not think of fencing in an indoor sport field, consider where your fields are located, how secure they should be, how close your fields are to sport courts or other fields, and whether there will be anyone using the space surrounding your field. Fence in any of these types of sport fields and others!

• Indoor Softball and Baseball Field Fences
• Indoor Soccer Field Fences
• Indoor Football Field Fences
• Indoor Rugby Field Fences

Running Track Fences

Indoor running tracks are often placed around courts or fields to save space, but how do you keep runners safe from balls or other objects in the center? With a fencing system!

Weight Training and Workout Area Fencing

Want to include a weight training area or a non conventional workout “room” in your sporting facility? Make it accessible and part of the atmosphere by using a fencing system instead of placing workout equipment in a separate room! With a workout area fence, athletes can get in their workout and still be a part of the entire sports facility – and maybe have a view of the other facilities if they’re waiting for a court or field to open up!

If you want to build a more open and communal sporting facility, consider using fencing systems to make the most of your space and give your athletes a better workout environment. Contact our Minnesota indoor sporting facility fencing company, Twin Cities Fence, at 612-443-1948, and start planning your new facilities.

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