Indoor fencing has become a great way to make a hotel more modern and open while still keeping certain areas secure. You don’t need to build an entire room for an indoor pool, you don’t have to worry about trying to restrict access to certain areas of the hotel, and you can rest assured your guests will appreciate the privacy and accessibility fencing systems can provide. All you need to make sure your fences are perfect is a skilled indoor hotel fencing company like us. At Twin Cities Fence, we take fencing to a new level, cultivating an expertise in a wide range of fencing installation. So if you’re in need of an indoor fencing contractor in Minnesota, no matter what type of indoor fencing you need, whether it be sports fencing, courtyard fencing, or otherwise, give us a call, and find out why we’re the best team for the job.

Indoor Hotel Courtyard Fences

Does your hotel have an indoor courtyard that needs to be more secure? Maybe you want to make sure the courtyard is only accessible to paying guests. Perhaps your courtyard is the location of events and parties, and you need to make sure there’s a way to monitor who’s attending. An indoor hotel courtyard fence is the perfect way to keep a courtyard accessible without letting everyone and anyone inside. And with the right fencing style, your fence can blend right in with the design of your courtyard.

Indoor Pool Fencing

A hotel with an indoor pool is always a plus for travelers. But a hotel with an indoor pool that isn’t closed off in a hot room without anything else around? That’s something to see. When most hotels offer indoor pools, it’s typically in a room build off of the hotel that’s steamy and boring. But with indoor fencing, you can make a pool a part of your hotel’s design and still keep guests safe. You can have a pool in your hotel’s courtyard or visible for guests to see near the lobby without guests having to travel through the halls to find it – all you need is a fence!

Indoor Sporting Facility Fencing

Sporting facilities often play a large role in guests’ decision to book a hotel. If you have a great indoor sporting facility that you want to keep open and visible, a sporting facility fencing system will do the trick. Whether your hotel boasts several indoor courts and fields or a workout room, a sports fence can make any workout or game more enjoyable for guests. You might consider installing:

• Indoor Basketball Court Fences
• Indoor Batting Cage Fences
• Indoor Tennis Court Fences
• Indoor Track Fences
• Gymnasium Fences
• Workout Facility Fences

Indoor Pet Boarding Fencing

Want to have a way to keep guests’ pets safe in your hotel? If you’re a large hotel that often offers pet boarding, indoor pet boarding fences are the perfect way to keep pets and employees safe in a cost-effective way.
If you’re interested in installing new fencing in your hotel, contact Twin Cities Fence today at 612-443-1948. Our MN indoor hotel fencing company will work with you to make sure your fencing systems are safe, secure, and designed to match the aesthetic of your hotel.

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