Guardrail Applications In Commercial And Residential Settings

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Guardrail Installation Company

Guardrail Applications In Commercial And Residential SettingsMany people associate guardrails as only being alongside the highways to prevent cars from crossing the medians. While this is true, there are many other applications that guardrails are ideal for, and some that are OSHA and MDOT required. But you may be thinking, guardrails have no place at a house. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are applications in a residential setting that are equally as ideal. The fencing contractors at Twin Cities Fence have installed guardrails in several settings and are standing by to show you how they can benefit your property.

Aside from the middle of the highway, there are several common uses in Minnesota that guardrail installation has proven to be ideal:

● When demarcating the edge of the road or parking area, alongside a steep drop off
● When separating a pedestrian walkway from a vehicular travel lane
● To mark the sides of a very narrow driveway or trail (especially helpful after a snowfall).
● To keep people from driving or parking in certain areas.
● When bordering a sharp turn or tight curve in an access road.
● On the perimeter of a flat rooftop where maintenance or the public has access.

Interior-Grade Guardrails

Guardrails are not only ideal for many outdoor and roadside applications, but guardrails can be used inside as well. There are several places where guardrails are once again the go to solution:

● In warehouse applications to separate pedestrian walkways from forklift aisles.
● Surrounding structural beams to protect from damage from material handling equipment.
● Surrounding electrical panels (marking 36” OSHA-required clearance).
● On elevated walkways or catwalks.
● In multi-level spaces.

The above applications don’t list the only uses for guardrails, rather they are simply applications where they are the most appropriate and most efficient. Perhaps you have another situation that calls for guardrail use? Perhaps you have a problem area, and you wonder if guardrails would be the solution? Let the professionals at Twin Cities Fence be a part of your solution!

Not all guardrails have to be chunky pieces of steel, but by customizing the railings, they can enhance curb appeal and the overall aesthetics of your property. Having a guardrail installed on your property can not only provide a new level of safety but can be a nice way to freshen up your property without a major investment. To add to this, guardrails are extremely durable and will require minimal maintenance in the long run.

To discuss your needs, determine if a guardrail is the right application, and to customize your railings, contact the fencing installation professionals at Twin Cities Fence at (612) 443-1948 today!

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