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Year Round Fence Repair Services in Minnesota | Fence Repair Company in the North MetroWhile there are not many things in life that are truly permanent, there is great value in striving to build permanence and longevity into some products. Fencing is one of those things. Twin Cities Fence is known for installing high-quality fencing that lasts for years, sometimes even decades. However, even a fence that is installed well will need occasional repairs or replacement. We complete our fence repair services all year round in one of the United States’ most unforgiving climates. As harsh as the winters in Minnesota can be, it is not just the winters that can damage even the sturdiest fences. The combination of our well known winters and the warmer seasons can cause severe shifts in the ground surface. Heat and cold cause expansion and contraction of earth, which, if severe enough, can affect the footings of your fencing. We can complete a repair anytime that you need it.

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Over time, regardless of how deep your fence posts have been placed in the ground, the posts can become loosened, which creates instability in your fence structure. This happens relatively slowly, however, so it is not likely that the stability of your fence would be affected until a number of severe seasonal cycles have passed. Our fencing can stand up to extremely high force winds, but no fencing is immune to the damage that can be caused by extreme weather. Tornado force winds, though rare in Minnesota, do occur from time to time, and are capable of damaging structures far heavier than any fence.

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Even so, a fence installed by Twin Cities Fence will stand up to most of the worst wind we can experience in Minnesota. But high winds are not the only hazard that your fence must face. High winds can separate branches from trees and uproot trees from the ground. We repair many fences that have been damaged by falling trees and branches. Fences that are damaged by snow plows are also a fairly common occurrence. The bottom line is that a damaged fence lasts only as long as it takes for Twin Cities Fence to fix it. No matter what has caused the damage to your fence, we will be able to restore it to its previous, undamaged condition. Our team will make every effort to repair the section of your fence that is damaged, rather than recommending a full replacement. We offer 24/7 fence repair services and work 12 months a year, so you can be confident that we are ready and available to help you when you need it.

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