Top Fence Choices For Cold Environments

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Fence Installation Company, Winter Fence Installer

Top Fence Choices For Cold EnvironmentsYou may have heard that wood is affected by humidity and moisture levels, which may make it a less-than-ideal choice for extreme dips in temperatures. You may have heard that PVC or vinyl fencing becomes brittle in the extreme cold temperatures, making it vulnerable to breakage in the winter. Then, there’s the issue of how far down in the ground your fence posts are buried, and how ground temperatures and the frost/freeze line affect the portions of the fence that are not visible. So, what are the best materials to withstand the harsh winter months that Minnesotans see every year? If this is a real concern for you, the professionals at Twin Cities Fence want to put your mind at ease and let you know that we’ve been installing fences in this environment for many years and have some advice to offer:

Wooden Privacy Fences Using Metal Support Posts

Wood is subject to water absorption, but by not depending on wooden posts to hold them up, the structure of these fences is sounder and lasts longer. A wood fence with metal posts will give better support and therefore give you more years of enjoyment.

Wrought Iron/Steel Fencing

Steel fences are steel through and through, with steel top rails, pickets, and posts. No parts of steel fences are prone to water absorption, but water can collect in joints and around fittings. It is very rare that expansion or contraction problems affect these fittings, but it can happen. Typically, steel fences have spaced pickets that allow strong winds through, making them good fences to withstand snow drift and windy situations.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences share many of the same properties as steel but are much lighter than and easier to install. There is a tradeoff in strength, though. Depending on the quality of the fence, aluminum fences can be more prone to denting and bending than steel is. A more critical winter issue is galvanic corrosion, in which a high salt environment (like an area near a salted road in winter) creates a reaction between the steel fittings and the aluminum fence, causing the aluminum to corrode.

Cold Climate Fence Installation Experts

The team at Twin Cities Fence are experts when helping you determine what is best for installation in the harsh Minnesota cold environment. Offering year-round advice, as well as year-round sales and installation, our team of experts are standing by for you today! Call (612) 443-1948 and let us guide you from deciding what’s best for your property, all the way through installation and maintenance.

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