Split Rail Fencing Benefits For Your Home

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Fence Installation Company, Split Rail Fencing

Split Rail Fencing Benefits For Your HomeYou don’t have to live in the deep rural areas and have hundreds of acres in your name to reap the benefits of a split rail (or post and rail) fence. A smaller property in the suburbs can just as easily embrace this style of fence and at the same time, enhance the value of the outdoor living space.

Property Lines Defined: A split rail fence is a great way to help define the edges of the property without obstructing any views that you might have. The structural addition allows for an opportunity for landscaping improvements and will certainly give an enhanced visual appearance.

Style Choices: Split rail fences can be both modern or rustic in style, and even perhaps somewhere between depending on the environmental setting in which the fence is installed. Although post and rail fences have historically been used to corral livestock, the clean lines of the fence have had modern enthusiasts liking it as an option. There are a good number of customizations that can be done to the fence to get it to your liking. For instance, color options and even a vinyl material available on this style fence give it already many things to think about.

Height Consideration: When choosing to install a split rail fence, you can opt for a simple two-rail system or can choose to have a third rail or even a fourth rail installed. Unless for aesthetic purposes only, consider the need for having a three-rail or four-rail system installed. To add to the safety features, a mesh or chain link fence section can be secured from the bottom rail to the ground to add a layer of safety and protection. This may be enough to keep an infant or small pet inside the fence.

Safety, Security, And Privacy: These are some areas that are not covered by this type of fence. As mentioned, to add a layer of safety or security for small animals or toddlers/infants, a wire mesh can be installed behind and to the rails. This type of fence is designed to not obstruct views or provide any real security and privacy. Keep these facts in mind when considering your next fence type for your property.

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