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by | Apr 2, 2019 | Fence Installation Company, Fence Materials

Maintenance Free Fencing MNAll homeowners know that there are parts of our homes that should be durable (the roof, the foundation, and the siding come to mind) and others that we accept as somewhat less durable (a contractor-grade water heater, for example).  Twin Cities Fence believes that a homeowner’s fence should be a reliable and durable part of their property. Durable fencing should be expected of commercial property owners too, but that may be more widely known. Commercial fencing tends to start with functionality, satisfying the requirements of security and privacy before satisfying the owner’s esthetic preference.

Homeowners may have been led to believe that maintenance-free fencing is limited to chain-link or other materials that are obviously durable.  Twin Cities Fence installs all fencing with attention to detail and professional expertise. No matter what kind of fencing we install, the job will be done correctly.  Operating our business with that as a priority means that our fencing is possessed of built-in durability. But because we cannot change the underlying physical properties of the materials that we use, we acknowledge that some materials are more prone to degrading over time than others.

Options for Maintenance Free Fencing

Some materials jump out as more obviously maintenance-free including our aluminum ornamental fencing, our vinyl and steel selections, and, of course, the chain-link fencing.  But we also have a number of rugged wood choices that are also maintenance-free. Our goal is to install fencing that serves the purposes you have identified—whether decorative on one end of the spectrum or for security on the other end—and allow you to enjoy the knowledge that your fencing serves those purposes without worry.  The best way to ensure that those goals are achieved is to apply the expertise we have gained during our time in this business.

We understand the materials that form our fencing, we understand the various kinds of ground into which the fencing is installed, and we understand all aspects of the installation process.  This expansive understanding of the many aspects of fencing installation allows us to state confidently that your fencing choice will be as worry-free as it is possible for a fence to be.

Experienced Fencing Installers in MN

Even the strongest fences fall victim to truly extreme weather or the occasional stray automobile, so no fence is indestructible.  But it is possible to install fencing that requires minimal to no maintenance, barring those extreme events. If you are ready to discuss your options for residential or commercial maintenance-free fencing, give us a call at 612-443-1948.

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