Chain Link Fence Company Near MeTwin Cities Fence is responsible for installing and repairing many fences in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro region. Specifically, there are four types of fences to be considered. Price-wise, the cheapest of the four fences is your classic chain-link fence. Use this one to keep people out of places you don’t want them. You often see chain-link fences in industrial areas and other places where aesthetics don’t matter too much. Of course, they can also end up around backyards so the dog can run around and not get out of the enclosed space. They’re also good around backyard pools so neighbors and critters can’t easily get into your private space and your kids/pets can’t easily wander off.

Classic Wooden Fence

Next up is the classic wooden fence. You’re likely to see these in rural areas, where they’re used to convey property lines as well as keep livestock corralled. If you’re in the suburbs, but in a part that’s very “country” like (or you have a “country” style home), a nice looking wooden fence can add some definition to your yard and help make it look picture perfect. Perhaps the most popular type of fence these days is made of vinyl. People from all walks of life are going with vinyl because it’s durable, doesn’t need much maintenance, and looks nice. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, so you’re likely see vinyl fences in white, tan, brown or other earth tones.

Ornamental Fences

The most expensive type of fence you can install is an ornamental one, and it costs more than typical fences because it’s unique. Twin Cities Fence can add elegance to your property with an ornamental wrought iron fence, with a design that’s both artistic and beautiful. You’re most likely to see wrought iron fences around mansions and estates where the owners have plenty of money to spend on decorating both inside and out. When thinking about adding a fence to your property, consider your neighbors and the area in general– what “fits” the neighborhood best? You’re welcome to call Twin Cities Fence at 763- 443-1948 to ask for professional fence advice.

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