Have you ever wanted the look and feel of a privacy fence but didn’t want to pay all that money for wood and then have to keep up with maintenance? If this is you, Twin Cities Fence is here to help. Serving the Twin Cities area for over four generations, we have the right amount of experience and knowledge that will get you the privacy fence you’ve been dreaming of. Vinyl privacy fences are becoming increasingly popular and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re missing out!

Vinyl Fencing

Before we even talk about the privacy fence, it’s important to just go over the benefits of vinyl alone. Vinyl basically compliments all types of properties. It’s beautiful, comes in a variety of styles and colors, and there’s essentially no maintenance to it. Vinyl is perfect for the type of weather we receive in the Twin Cities. It’s durable, strong, and will undoubtedly last through the nastiest of storms. It is an ideal choice no matter what type of fence style you are looking for. Additionally, it’s easy on the wallet too.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

For homeowners and even business owners, privacy fences add a bit of security and safety to your property. Especially in tight neighborhoods, having a privacy fence around your backyard or pool can give you that “oasis” feel instead of that “my neighbors are watching me sunbathe” feel. Additionally, vinyl privacy fences offer the following advantages that you may be thinking about:

  • Designating restricted areas
  • Providing shade on sunny days
  • Delineate property lines
  • Enclose animals and children
  • Provide safety and protection from intruders
  • Shelter your home from harsh winds
  • Reduce noise from coming into or out of your property

All in all, the vinyl privacy fence is an excellent choice when it comes to these factors and even more. With vinyl siding, little maintenance is required. After all, there are so many other things to worry about other than a fence.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property, vinyl privacy fences are best set up by a company that knows exactly what they’re doing. Twin Cities Fence specializes in installing a variety of fences with all different shapes, sizes, and materials, including vinyl privacy fences. Call us and get a free estimate today on your vinyl privacy fence. For more information about our fence systems and to request a quote, contact us today at 612-443-1948.

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