Protect Your Fence From Minnesota’s Harsh Winters

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Fence Maintenance, Fence Repair Contractor, Winter Fence Repair

Protect your Fence from Minnesota’s Harsh WintersIt’s no secret that Minnesotans see their fair share of snowfall each year. Winter can be a beautiful season and watching the gentle snowfall can be very calming. However, the aftereffects of the snow can damage your fence. Protect your investment! While no fence is “winter-proof,” taking a few simple steps now can help to ensure that your fence is as “winter-resistant” as possible this season.

Pre-existing damage and physical fence preparation: Before the snowfall begins, it’s a good idea to inspect your entire fence line for any damages. If you have a wooden privacy fence, look for loose boards as well. Attending any found damages will ensure that your fence is structurally sound as we enter the harsher months. It’s also suggested that wood stain or sealant be applied to protect wooden fences from the excess amount of moisture that the ice, snow, and snowmelt are expected to produce.

Trimming the overhanging branches: As snow falls or ice sets in, the added weight causes branches to hang very low or even snap off. Because of this, it is wise to trim back any branches from trees or shrubbery that hang over top of the fence itself. This could prevent damage to your fence from a possible snapped branch.

Be extra cautious when plowing or shoveling along fence lines: If your fence is close to your driveway, be careful to avoid piling the snow up near the fence when shoveling or plowing. The weight of the snow could potentially cause your fence to sag, warp, or fall over. Fences can also be damaged by the plow itself, so be sure you’re using the equipment carefully.

Clearing excess snow pile buildup: Wood fences absorb water. Being saturated for long periods of time may cause mold, mildew, or rot. Help avoid this situation by simply brushing the snow from your fence. Ensure you use something soft, like a broom or a gloved hand, to avoid damaging the fence.

As we Minnesotans prepare for snow during the upcoming winter months, keep these tips in mind! If you need advice or help with your fence, give Twin Cities Fence a call anytime. To order fence parts or schedule professional service, call (612) 443-1948 or contact us online!

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