Painting Or Staining A Wooden Privacy Fence

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Fence Maintenance, Fence Repair Contractor, wood fence

Painting Or Staining A Wooden Privacy FenceAre you thinking of adding color to your fence? Consider painting or staining it for a fresh new look! Painting also provides protection for the wood while keeping it looking its best. When installing a fence, there are three options: stain, seal or paint the exterior to maintain its best appearance.

Painting your wooden fence offers numerous advantages. From customizable colors to long-lasting results, paint is an excellent solution for sealing and protecting your wooden fence!

Pros And Cons Of Painting A Wood Fence

Painting your fence offers several advantages, such as customizability; paint comes in an array of colors so you can select something classic white or another hue that complements or matches your home’s exterior.

PRO: Protection – Applying a quality, professional coat of paint to your wooden fence will protect it from UV rays, wind and rain for years to come. Painting helps seal the wood so it can last longer.
PRO: Low Maintenance– When quality exterior paint is used, painted fences can last up to five years before they need repainted.
CON: Flaky Patches- Over time, paint can start to flake off or peel, leaving behind patches across your fence.
CON: Cost- Painting can be more expensive in the beginning than stain, and it also takes more time to finish for reapplication.

Can You Paint A Wood Fence With Stain On It?

Are you tired of resealing or staining your fence or would like to add some vibrant color to your outdoor space, don’t fret! Painting over stain is an easy fix as there’s no need to strip away the stain first; all that needs to be done is clean the surface before starting the painting process. If you want to bring out the natural grain of your wooden fence or opt for a more organic aesthetic, staining is an effective way to seal and protect it from external elements. There are various stain colors available to suit any style or taste.

Pros And Cons Of Staining A Wood Fence

● PRO: Low maintenance requirements (you won’t need to reapply stain as frequently as painting), and fade-resistant properties compared to cracking or peeling paint.
● PRO: No scraping- Before painting your fence, you’ll need to scrape away all the old paint. Re-staining only requires cleaning off the surface.
● PRO: No cracking or peeling- With time, paint may begin cracking and peeling away, leaving unsightly patches on your fence.
● CON: Cost-Staining requires more than one coat and sealant, which may be costlier than painting a fence.
● CON: Limited Color Options-You are only left with the various wood hues available for your fence.

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