Install a Fence Around Your HomeAt a time in our lives when a global health crisis is keeping people from interacting without the fear of spreading a disease is colliding with the opportunity to complete some long-awaited home improvement projects, there may be no better option than installing a new fence. Twin Cities Fence can install the fence you have been wanting with no direct in-person contact with our customers, because the entire process can be completed outdoors.

Fence Installation Contractors

A fence installed by our contractors at Twin Cities Fence can give your home the look you have been wanting, in addition to a very strong and durable fence. Exterior fencing on residential properties can serve many purposes. Our installation process involves working with you to determine the purposes you have identified for your fencing, and then making this vision become a reality. Whether you want a fence installed for decorative purposes only or for greater security of your property, what we can promise you is that the fence you choose will be installed properly. Proper installation will help to maximize the longevity of your investment, and no company can offer a quality of installation that is greater than Twin Cities Fence.

Different Types of Fence Materials

We offer many different types of fencing materials to meet your needs. Wood fencing is a popular choice for many of our clients because wood is a naturally durable material that also fits seamlessly into the natural background of the landscape. A wood fence compliments the inherent beauty of your yard and is ideal for families with children and pets.

Steel fencing is another popular choice for our clients. The durability of steel fencing is second to none, and steel fencing compliments the natural backdrop of your property, though differently than a wood fence will. Steel fencing tends to stand out more and compliments your property by serving as a contrast to the natural backdrop. Steel is also a good choice for customers who are looking to maximize security and privacy.

Contact-Free Fence Installation

In addition to excellent fencing, we also offer products that can supplement your new fence. Handrails along walkways and bumper guards are useful for customers who want the added protection against slips, falls, and accidental contact between automobiles and garage door frames. Now is a great time to upgrade your current fence or add the new fence you have been wanting. Call us at 612-443-1948 for a contact-free estimate.

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