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Image of fencing installation in progressTwin Cities Fence is a fencing installation company that has worked very hard to establish a reputation for excellent work, professionalism, and customer service.  We have provided year round fencing installation and repair for more than four generations and we love our work. We specialize in installing a variety of fences of differing materials, sizes, shapes, and designs, always working to ensure that we can meet every residential and commercial fencing installation need.

Residential and Commercial Fencing Installation

Homeowners and business owners understand that a well-built fence can add a great deal of financial value to their property. If that fence is also pleasing to the eye, the overall experience of the property is heightened. Twin Cities Fence strives to provide only the highest quality fences that are attractive and will last for many years.

We use traditional materials for our fences, but we also use modern materials.  You can choose the best material, look and size for your property and our team can help you with this.  Some of our most popular fencing options include:

  • Vinyl Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Cedar Wood Fencing
  • Steel Ornamental Fences
  • Aluminum Ornamental Fences
  • Privacy Fences


In other words, our ultimate goal is to meet your fencing needs.  And, no matter what material is used to construct your fence, it is inevitable that your fence will eventually need to be repaired.  Fences are outdoor structures that are exposed to extremes of weather, which will create conditions that require repair on occasion.  And our team also knows how to make those repairs when they are needed.

Fencing Repair Services

Twin Cities Fence offers a 24-hour fence repair service.  If your fence is damaged by a storm or by a car accident in the middle of the night, we will come to your property and perform the repairs that are needed.  If your fence is slowly being damaged by weather or a part of it shattered by some other kind of accident, we are able and willing to help you immediately, 24 hours a day.

Installing a fence can be a simple process.  But installing a fence properly so that it requires minimal repair later on requires the kind of expertise that Twin Cities Fence has developed.  We install fences with the materials you choose, with the expertise we have developed over time, and with attention to detail so that your fence lasts for a very long time.

For a free estimate, give Twin Cities Fence a call at 612-443-1948.

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