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by | Dec 23, 2017 | Commercial Fence, Fence Contractor, Fence Repair MN

Commercial Gate MNTwin Cities Fence is a fourth generation fence company offering commercial fence installation and repair for the Twin Cities. All our products are reliable and all of the installations are professional grade. We install and repair fencing, gates, and other commercial and residential fixtures throughout the Twin Cities. Our main focus is installing and repairing fences and we build fences with a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and designs to ensure that we can meet all of your commercial fencing needs.

At Twin Cities Fence, we install wood fences, vinyl fences, steel and aluminum ornamental fences, and chain link fences. All types of fences can fit your commercial needs and we will meet with you to create the fence of your desire. If you’re having trouble deciding which commercial fencing system is right for your needs, let our fencing installation company help you choose the best option possible.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing, MN

Chain link fences are a highly popular commercial fencing system. From playgrounds to government facilities, chain link fences can be seen just about everywhere. Chain link fences are a versatile choice, they can be color coated to your liking and come in a variety of weights and heights. All of our chain link fences are made from galvanized steel that is hot-dipped in zinc to create a protective coat that is extremely durable. Chain link fence is the most affordable, most widely-used commercial fencing option that will last for years without maintenance.

Commercial Vinyl Fences, MN

The most common commercial vinyl fencing system is a vinyl privacy fence. Vinyl fences are a good alternative to a chain link fence because they are difficult to climb, and they also can create a more contemporary look. Vinyl fences can be designed for an ornamental look, contemporary look which can be a decorate piece to add to your commercial property.  A durable vinyl fence might be just what you need for a low-maintenance and decorative fencing system.

Wooden Fencing Systems, MN

Wood fences has the ability to create almost any fence you can imagine.  Whatever you’re hoping to gain from installing your new fence, be sure to consider wood as one of the most intricate materials you could use. We can help you create the wooden fence you desire for your commercial building.

Commercial Aluminum and Steel Ornamental Fencing, MN

With an aluminum or steel fence, you can be sure that your property will stand out, and you’ll have an extremely durable and weather-resistant fence that will last for years to come. These fences are often great to help keep people out from restricted areas, and are sometimes even seen around parking lots.

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