Blaine, Coon RapidsThroughout Minnesota in almost every neighborhood, there has got to be at least one home or business that has a chain link fence. They are so popular because they simply get the job done. They serve a multitude of purposes and can withstand the harsh snow storms and ungodly heat that Minnesota brings all throughout the seasons of the year. Did we also mention that they are extremely affordable? If you are searching for a chain link fence in Minnesota, consider us at Twin Cities Fence.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences

At Twin Cities Fence, every type of fence we install is made with quality material and done by quality professionals. Every chain link fence we install is made out of galvanized steel. We choose this steel every time due to its extreme durability and strength. After all, every fence in Minnesota needs to be able to endure our crazy winters. Not only are our galvanized steel fences tough, they are all dipped in a hot, zinc coating that binds to the steel and creates an extra layer of protection to prevent any corrosion from happening.

Colored Chain Link Fences

A very popular way to make chain link fences both cosmetically appealing and functional is to add a splash of color to their fence. Twin Cities Fence has a variety of color options available for both residential and commercial property owners. Adding color to your steel chain link fence is obviously aesthetically pleasing but also offers much more than that. Additionally, it adds another extra layer of protection against corrosion and weather damage. This adds multiple years of life to your fence before we ever put it into the ground! Who doesn’t love that?

Chain Link Fence Installation

The installation of your chain link fence can make or break the outcome and longevity of your fence. Our professionals will come to your property and do a thorough assessment of where you want this fence and what its functioning purpose will be. Whether you are doing it for security, privacy, or just to keep proper property lines, our installers will take everything into account during the installation.

If you are looking for a chain link fence contractor in Minnesota, look no further than Twin Cities Fence. Not only do we deliver quality installation and materials, we deliver quality prices. Our chain link fences are extremely affordable fencing options that yield fantastic results. For more information, give us a call today at 612-443-1948 or send us an email at

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