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Twin Cities Fence is a name you can trust with all of your fencing needs. We’ve mastered the installation, maintenance, and repairs of several fencing and gate materials, including Trex fencing, a durable, weather-resistant, low-maintenance fencing material that’s an alternative to other common fencing materials. As Trex fence installers, we assure all of our customers that when we use Trex fencing, we’re using quality fencing materials that you can count on to last for years to come. In fact, when you invest in Trex fencing, you’ll receive the Trex quality guarantee, which means that your Trex fence should last for 25 years without a problem on residential properties, and on commercial properties, you’ll be covered for 10 years, though your fencing system will likely last much longer! Compared to other fencing systems that require repairs and even replacement after less than a decade if not properly maintained, Trex fencing systems are manufactured to withstand the weathering and wear we see in Minnesota.

What is Trex Fencing?

For many home and business owners looking for a fencing material to use for a new fencing system, the most commonly known fact about Trex fencing material is that it’s an alternative to wood and vinyl fencing. Made of 95 percent recycled board, including plastic and wood fibers, Trex fencing is the eco-friendly fencing system you may be looking for to “go green” at home or on your business property. It’s a composite fencing that has a natural look, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise much in terms of style or aesthetic when you choose this “alternative” fencing material over wood or vinyl. Depending on the coloring you choose, your fencing system may give you the aesthetic of a real painted wood or vinyl fence, and you’ll find that the added durability of a Trex fence makes choosing this alternative fencing material a simple decision.

Trex Fences Installed MN

Trex fencing is something of a miracle when you compare it to older fencing technology. With almost 100 percent recycled material, you can have a fence that’s more durable than other traditional fencing materials, which is particularly important in a place like Minnesota, where durable outdoor fixtures are a must-have. You’ll no longer have to stare out your window every time a winter storm passes through wonder “will the fence be broken this year?” You don’t have to constantly worry about your fencing system bending, rotting, or warping like you have to with other materials. Instead, this ultra-durable fencing will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing once you invest in your fencing system, you shouldn’t have to think about repairing or replacing it for years – if not decades. How is Trex fencing so durable? It’s all in the manufacturing and quality building process; the interlocking fence pickets of Trex fencing reinforce the durable material, preventing bowing and warping. This fence material is also durable because it is not susceptible to rot or insects – two parasites that can infect wood fencing.

Low-Maintenance Fencing System

In addition to the benefit of being a highly durable fencing material, Trex fencing is manufactured and built to create low-maintenance fencing systems. Trex fencing requires very little – if any – maintenance, requiring no sanding, no staining, and no painting. That means that after we install a Trex fence on your home or business property, you won’t have to worry about calling us back for repairs or maintenance any time soon, and you won’t have to go out and repaint your fence every few years or more. Instead, you’ll choose a fence color, install your fence, and live your life without worrying about whether your fencing system will still be standing or need a deep-clean or repainting tomorrow! To wash off the dirt, grime, and weathering your fence endures, simply power wash your fence, and you’ve got a beautifully clean fence again with very little hassle.

Custom Colored Fence with Trex Fencing

One of the benefits of Trex fencing is your freedom to choose your fencing color without ever having to paint your fence! With Trex fencing, you’ll have the option of several fencing colors, including:

  • Saddle – Saddle fencing is a variegated tan color, meaning it fades from dark to light. This Trex fencing color is a beautiful way to evoke images of rustic wood fencing without you having to put in the work to stain your wood.
  • Winchester Grey – Winchester Grey Trex fencing is an interesting fencing color because it actually has to fade to its “correct” color. To begin with, it has a brownish, green coloring, but with weathering, it will fade to the light gray as it is intended to. This Trex fencing color often suits modern properties and properties that include brick or masonry work.
  • Woodland Brown – Woodland Brown Trex fencing is a dark brown color that fades the least out of the colors available and is the darkest of the three.

If you’re interested in installing a Trex fencing system on your Spring Lake Park commercial or residential property, contact Twin Cities Fence today at 612-443-1948 to find out whether Trex fencing is right for your property’s needs, your aesthetic ideas for your property, and your budget.

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Dale Mord
Dale Mord
June 20, 2024
They were fast, friendly, and fairly priced. What more can you ask for? This team knows what they are doing. It showed !
Susan Ficzeri
Susan Ficzeri
May 30, 2024
Friendly staff, great customer service and quality product
Patricia Jung
Patricia Jung
March 13, 2024
Twin Cities Fence handled my small project with courtesy, efficiency and quality workmanship from start to finish. All I needed was an 8 ft gate, but they treated me the same as someone with a large order.
Abby Steinhoff
Abby Steinhoff
September 19, 2023
Twin Cities Fence put in a great fence for us for the best price! Our yard is challenging with hills and the installation team still made it look perfect. The staff at every level was kind and professional. We would recommend them to anyone!
Liesl Batz
Liesl Batz
August 8, 2023
I had a terrific experience working with Twin Cities Fence. This is the third time (three different houses) I've worked with a fencing company. I can without a doubt say they were the best to work with by far. The fence is absolutely beautiful, extremely well built and everyone I have interacted with at Twin Cities Fence has been really terrific! I would highly recommend them.
Donald Steile
Donald Steile
October 31, 2022
Luke and his crew were professional and courteous, Outstanding Job !
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